Human Development

Enter an unknown space and wrestle with consequence. The dance between perception and reality empowers  participants to reframe their self talk and see the opportunity in the unknown.  Return seeking positive connections to self others and environment.

At the end of a liminal experience, participants will say words to the affect of, “We did this ourselves” one participant reported feeling “tired, proud and smarter.” Teachers have reported activated classrooms with students craving the unknown as an opportunity to feel good.

Suitable for groups and individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

  • Corporate teams
  • Trouble makers
  • Aspiring leaders


In fertile social spaces like this. Innovation is likely, as is realisation and authentic behavior change. The unknown is no longer fighting rather a wondrous realm where life exists. Imagine a room full of humans excited to tackle unknown concepts or problems. A liminal experience with up the creek will enhance your teams, capacity, enjoyment and performance.


For the participant this allows the exhilarating opportunity to enter an unknown space and wrestle with consequence. On a learning journey like this, a full range of emotions are possible. At the end people will return empowered and activated. They will say “We did this ourselves and I am so proud of what I have achieved”

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