Regenerative Experiences

in Collaboration with Nature

Get out of everyday life and into the rhythm of water heading Up The Creek for a regenerative experience. Book a canoe tour today to help slow down, engage with the natural world and connect to your surrounds. 

Regenerative travel means leaving a place better.   That means you, the group and the environment we are collaborating with.   Up the Creek offer collaborations with more than human worlds inviting you to invest in relationships with yourself, others and the environment we move through.

People leave better,  Groups establish a bond to the place and the environment better.

On any experience with Up the Creek get ready to slow down and connect with the rhythms of nature,  away from the distractions of our needy modern life.

Our Give Back Program

Are you willing and able to support those less fortunate to benefit from collaborating with nature?

Follow this link

We are proud to collaborate with the Yarra River Keeper Association.  Our corporate volunteering programs offer time outdoors helping you feel more connected to nature! Your group will not only experience the river environment but will learn about how to protect and care for it as a living natural entity.