Why up the creek?

Up the creek is an attempt to create a positive influence on people and planet as we learn to thrive in the anthropocene (or post anthropocene). Huge global forces such as climate change, bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic have given us indications that the status quo will not serve the needs of the world's children and biodiversity. Up the creek does not profess to have any specific answers to these big questions. We do however want to join in conversation, particularly with our youth, to reimagine how we might best live on our beautiful part of our beautiful planet.

If you want more information please see our resources tab, if would like to be part of the conversations please reach out in person or to discoveries@upthecreek.melbourne.

Who is responsible for safety?

It takes about two inches of water to drown. It is essential that we all take safety very seriously. This includes the hirer, upthecreek.melbourne and governing bodies. Up the creek will take every effort to work with you to establish a safe environment. It is up to you to ensure that (in addition to up the creek) you always consider the safety and consequences of your choices. Be alert not alarmed. Consult with up the creek staff to keep safety a priority on your adventure.

How can I include the yarra in my decision making?

We invite you to begin a conversation including the voice of the river in your plans. It's a fun way to change your mind. Let us know if you discover positive change as you interact with the Yarra,

Do you have children's life jackets

We have a limited quantity of children's life jackets available. Up The Creek does not supply life jackets to children under 4.

Can pet’s partake?

Yes it is possible for small pets to join you. If your pet is unsettled on canoes the chance of capsize will increase. We have a quantity of Pet life jackets for hire.

Are the canoes wheelchair accessible?

Up The Creek is keen to work with all groups to provide paddling experiences. Currently our canoes are not suitable for all abilities however if you are interested in a paddling experience please make contact so we can find accessibility solutions for you.

We are currently developing a larger accessible canoe. Stay in touch for updated information.

What if I object to the terms and conditions?

Option 1, begin a polite conversation with our staff. We are open to sensible improvments.
Option 2, we can’t all agree and there are many ways to access the Yarra. Perhaps Up the creek is not for you.

What is the minimum age to be in command of a canoe?

We don’t offer an age limit as everyone has different capacities. Our terms and conditions state that hirer must demonstrate capacity to safely operate the canoe in the conditions.

Where can we canoe?

Where up the creek offer safety backup there will be set locations, please ask