A great sunny afternoon canoeing in the hart of Melbourne with my 10 year old son. We were hosted by Derek from Up the creek. Derek steps through safety and paddling tips then we're off to enjoy. thanks for your gracious hosting, we had a ball.


We had a great time canoeing with Derek, Even though we didn't know how, he was eger to help us learn. IT was a glorious day and we will definently come again.


Great Canoes and great people. We canoed through a section of Melbourne I didn't know existed. We saw so much wildlife and beautiful scenery. I can't wait to join up the creek on a camping trip.


Making the PYP really happen!

Donna Grieg

Pat really enjoyed the experience and has come back a different kid.

Mr Watts

The road will not teach you anything! People follow the road because it’s easy but it’s not necessarily the way to go. Because you might not learn new things, see new things or have as much fun. More opportunities come when you step outside your comfort zone and try new things. That’s why we should walk off the road.


I have come away in awe of the efforts of some of our kids, so proud of what they have achieved and inspired by Derek’s influence in taking them to the edge of their comfort zone so they can learn in a way they never have before. ........ see our kids thinking failing learning and thriving in this way.

Allison Lundgren

I went canoing with my 4 year old daughter and husband. we really enjoyed it. we felt so free out on the water leaving the worries of the world behind. Highly recoemed up the creek.


Every time I'm on a boat with a paddle I ask myself why I don't do it more often. It's a wonderful experience to slow down no matter what the pace of the day, and no matter how many gags about spotting platypus, its always a great place to be.


Derek, you taught these kids that they can change the world and they don’t need to wait till they have finished school. I love that my kids are now saying embrace the uncomfortable, and confusion is where I can learn the most.

Tahlia Anver

This camp has taught me that confusion is good when it leads to knowledge, but it’s up to you to turn the confusion into knowledge


What I got from this camp is so much more than how to kayak and sail. I learned how to learn.


Hi Derek, I thought you’d like this one. Earlier in the week I was teaching ... students were very reluctant to think..... when they started to think one student said ‘Oh man!! This is just like education outdoors.’ Bingo!! Best compliment I’ve had in ages. I really enjoy the way you’ve made me think about my teaching.

Mr W

I had a splendid day paddling with Up The Creek! Derek is a very passionate guide, he added to the experience and made it unforgettable! I would definitely recommend.