Collaborating with dynamics of water and wind, encouraging new ways of seeing and learning in the Anthropocene.

Up the creek is founded on a commitment to developing the whole person, enabling them to thrive as part of a living system, in the Anthropocene.

As David Attenborough said, "the whole of life is coming to terms with yourself and the natural world.”

Connecting with the more-than-human world now, perhaps more than ever before, is essential for the suitability for life on earth. 

Through water-based activities such as sailing and paddling, nature-based ecological immersion and inquiry, participants learn to collaborate and unite with dynamics beyond themselves.

Our Programs

We curate encounters with exceptional individuals and inspiring ideas. Igniting curiosity and spark the desire for personal and collective growth. Up The Creek curate environments for  human beings to discover, learn, and iterate with themselves, others, and the more-than-human-world.

Participants learn to think critically, influence their surroundings, and effect positive change in the world.

Let us embark on an adventure that will leave a lasting impact, not only on ourselves but with the world we inhabit.

Up the Creek journeys can lead to:

  • Self actualisation.
  • The pursuit of curiosity.
  • Skills to thrive in unknown situations.
  • Resilience.
  • Collaboration with others, negotiating and uniting
    towards common goals.
  • Collaborations with nature.
  • Finding joy in working with
    forces beyond our(selves) direct control.

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