Journey to the heart of nature

Inspired by the waves. Powered by the joy of self-discovery. A place to unwind and unplug, reconnect with the world, and engage with the rhythms of nature.


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Join us, come collaborate with nature!

Up The Creek is a boat-based social enterprise offering transformative experiences for organisations, schools, and groups. We focus on regenerative experiences. Contributing to healthy and vibrant futures. Promoting developing relationships with self, other and environments. 

Join us as we navigate the waters of personal, collective and environmental growth. Let us embark on an adventure that will leave a lasting impact, not only on ourselves but on the world we inhabit.

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Regenerative Experiences


Words from our customers

What I got from this camp is so much more than how to paddle and sail. I learned how to learn.


The road will not teach you anything! People follow the road because it’s easy but it’s not necessarily the way to go. Because you might not learn new things, see new things or have as much fun. More opportunities come when you step outside your comfort zone and try new things. That’s why we should walk off the road.


Pat really enjoyed the experience and has come back a different kid.

Matt Watts

I had a splendid day paddling with Up The Creek! Luca is a very passionate guide, he added to the experience and made it unforgettable! I would definitely recommend.


I have come away in awe of the efforts of some of our kids, so proud of what they have achieved and inspired by Luna's influence in taking them to the edge of their comfort zone so they can learn in a way they never have before.


Hi Derek, I thought you’d like this one. Earlier in the week I was teaching ... students were very reluctant to think..... when they started to think one student said ‘Oh man!! This is just like Up The Creek’ Bingo!! Best compliment I’ve had in ages. I really enjoy the way you’ve made me think about my teaching.

Andrew Whitby

Head Up The Creek on a  sailing, paddling or camping adventure and make lifelong memories with nature.


Make mindful memories

If we stand for anything, it’s making people more conscious of their surrounds. Because we tend to value what we notice. And we only notice things when we’re connected, living in the moment, making memories that’ll last a lifetime.

Journeys with impact

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we’ve partnered with environmental regeneration projects like the Yarra Riverkeeper Association. When we talk about collaborating with nature, this is what we mean: leaving the place better than we found it.

Come collaborate with nature

Do Social Good

Support your teams efficiency by giving them the tools to build dynamic relationships with People, Place and their Environment.

Collaborate with rivers and the wind to learn to dance with forces beyond our direct control.  keep calm in dynamic circumstance and enjoy the opportunity of learning to work with nature.


Give something back

ESG targets looming large? Up The Creek gives businesses and corporations the chance to support social enterprises, clean up the Birrarung, and even help disadvantaged kids.